Announcing the Formation of Truxton Capital Advisors

Thomas S. Stumb
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Since its founding 18 years ago, Truxton has provided advice to businesses and the families that own them.  We’ve advised on matters as diverse as capital structure, ownership titling, management succession and ownership succession within families and diversification of assets beyond the family business itself.  Historically, we have not formally represented ownership directly in its sale of the business or the acquisition of other firms.  Going forward, operating as Truxton Capital Advisors, we will advise owners on the sale of businesses and conduct the process of the sale. 

Many organizations provide this service to companies large and small.  What does Truxton bring to the table that distinguishes us from many competitors?

  1. An expertise that extends far beyond the process of the sale – both before and after. Truxton’s tax, trust, and estate expertise have proven valuable to many clients in considering how to structure the ownership of the business, often years before a sale, to maximize family wealth into subsequent generations.  Moving ownership to future generations when the value can be defensibly described as lower, while maintaining control in the most experienced hands, can save millions of dollars in estate taxes, but must be undertaken in a timely and sophisticated way to avoid challenge and to maximize results.
  2. A focus on the lower middle market. Businesses that may sell for $10 to $50 million now command the interest of both industry competitors and a wide range of private equity firms.  Yet many leading advisory firms cannot serve these companies well given their fee minimums and desire to move “upmarket”.  Truxton Capital Advisors seeks precisely these mandates.
  3. Truxton can provide debt financing in certain cases to the buyer and can provide debt placement and advisory services in other circumstances. Truxton’s experience in providing and arranging credit to low middle market buyouts supports the process of the sale.
  4. Truxton’s superb wealth management capability, solely dedicated to serving high net worth families, allows the relationship with our clients to persist for generations rather than ending abruptly when the transaction is completed. Operating under our trust powers, Truxton works as a fiduciary to deliver strong investment results and highly personalized advice to keep each family’s assets growing and to carefully structure these assets to remain a blessing for generations.

We’ll be actively reaching out to clients who own businesses to whom our services may be relevant and are eager to receive ideas from you about business owners we should meet.