Truxton opened for business in 2004...

Truxton Trust opened for business in August 2004, after raising initial capital of $20 million. We started with a nucleus of veteran private bankers, wealth advisors, and treasury management professionals all led by our founding chairman, the late Donald (Don) W. Thurmond, who, along with our other organizers (founding shareholders), shared a common vision of a private bank and trust company. Mr. Thurmond served as chairman from our inception until his passing in December 2009. Charles (Charlie) W. Cook, Jr., then served as Chairman until his retirement in December 2015. Truxton has grown from twelve employees to over 60 employees. In the worst recession since the 1930’s (2008-2012), we were one of the few banks nationwide to maintain both growth and profitability throughout the downturn. In 2013, we changed our name from Nashville Bank & Trust to Truxton Trust Company and, in 2014, we opened our second office, in Athens, Georgia. Today, Truxton Trust has become one of the best performing banks in the U.S. with ratios for asset quality, Return on Equity (ROAE) and Return on Assets (ROA) that are the best in Tennessee over the past decade.1 Since inception, in everything that we do, we adhere to this singular guiding principle: Do The Right Thing.

1American Banker’s annual ranking of publicly traded banks with less than $2 billion of assets is determined by return on average equity across three years. Truxton Corporation ranked 13th, with a 3-year ROAE of 18.9 percent as of 12/31/22.

2As of 6/30/23